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Floor Boards


Question my wife has a 2007 1200 XL she wants floor boards on it. Has anybody seen or heard of putting boards on a 1200 ????????
You can put boards on anything and for long distances they are way more comfortable than pegs. For around town "bar hopping" i prefer pegs as they are quicker on and off for stop and go driving. The ones Hobbit linked are kinda the best of both worlds especially for a sporty where you don't want to change the inherant "stripped down" look of the bike.
Don't be cheap man, buy the little lady some boards,,,,,,,,, she happy you happy know what I mean,,:bigsmiley17:
Keeping mama happy is part of the U.S. Constitution....where it starts with "We the people........provide for common defense.... and promote domestic tranquility." You better get the boards, or you will not be "promoting your domestic tranquility."