Floor boards for 2009 FXDF

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    I know this topic's been covered a few times, but I have a request for opinions specific to an after market product from 2 Orange Harleys. They sell a pair of mini floor boards advertised to fit any male Harley peg mount. The boards are adjustable up/down, tilt, and forward/back. Upon scrape, the whole assembly pivots up from the original peg mount. They're featured here: Mini Adjustable Floorboards 2 Orange Harleys. For $84.95 it looks like a good solution. Anyone have experience with these and/or care to offer an opinion as to whether this is a good solution for a forward-mounted Fat Bob? Thanks.

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    They look pretty good and the price is in line with most aftermarket types available...


    TQ has used the K├╝ryakyn ISO Mini Wings in forward position; I have ISO Mini Wings on my bike below
    as mids. Smaller profile for "paddle walking" bike without fouling the rider or passenger positions.

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