FLHX is very nice ride

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hapbob, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. hapbob

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    Weather here in Michigan hit 60 degrees and you can't waste days like that this time of year. The weather was sunny but the wind was gusty 20-25. I hopped on the ( New to me) 2008 SG and took it out...I was very pleased with the ride and how planted I felt with this bike. The wind did not push me around at all...My past bikes with the plastice skins would be all over the place. I am also shocked on the stock seat...Very comortable for me..I was already shopping for a Mustang but I have't once Said during a ride...my butt hurts!

    I also put a 10 inch half moon tinted shield on yesterday and am very happy with this product...for $60 off E-Bay good shield for the money.

    Just wanted to tell somebody!

  2. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Same here in NE - we've got a Nov heat wave (lower 70's) which is unusual, but not gonna complain b/c of the extended riding season. I planned to winterize my bike this weekend - holding off for colder weather.:newsmile062:

    Also love my FLHX (09) & agree w/the seat. Still waiting to trek on a longer ride, but my butt hasn't complained a/o yet. Putting my $$$ into other mods.
  3. pops55

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    I have to agree love to ride the FLHX :D
    Weather here in the St. Louis area is in the mid 70s yesterday and today.
    The wife and I will go out for a nice ride today. The stock seat is fine with me, it may not be the best, but I can't justify spending money on a seat I want other mods like monster ovals and fuel management system long before I would buy a seat.

  4. rjvice

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    Yea, I'm another satisfied customer...09 FLHX with the 110c.i. kit, reach seat, race tuner, zippers A/C, and Rush exhaust slip-ons. Got it in the early spring and just put it in for 5K service. Can't wait until we move to FL so I can ride more...:bigsmiley24:
  5. rn0229

    rn0229 Member

    I am already in Florida and enjoy riding my 06 SG almost every day. Come on down!
  6. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for rubbing it in :p...definitely bummed when I have to prep the bike for winter, but sure enjoying our mild Nov so far & hope it lasts.
  7. TXMikey

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    I love my 08 FLHX. I've test rode an EGC and an Ultra, and didn't care for the ride as much.

    As for winterizing, I figure the 3 weeks of winter down here in Texas really isn't worth going through the process. :bigsmiley24:
  8. jgreg65

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    hapbob Congrats!! With a little bit of Luck I'll be doing the same in the next few months. 2008 SG coming up!!!
  9. H4U30

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    Thanks for rubbing that in TXMickey............ Up here in Maine it feels like we have about 3 weeks of summer at times..... Although we have had a some what decent fall.
    09 FLHX (Love it)!!! I have been impressed the seat also but if you do 300 miles plus in a day your butt will be sore. Maybe with any seat though. I did put a Mustang on for long rides like (Maine to Myrtle Beach this summer) but usually run the stock seat, it just looks so much better!!!!! Picked it up in the spring and over 8000 miles on this year, not bad seeing it rained all of May and June.... LOL
  10. Riviera Reg

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    After 25K miles, I also love my '08 Street Glide with a few minor upgrades like V&H Slip-ons, Fuel Pak, intake, etc. Keep trying to justify buying a new HD and I am so happy with what I have will probably go for at least another year. Already have three H-D's now... because I hate to part with them.