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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by dmundine, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Woohoo, I bought my 1st Harley and I'm riding it everyday. It's tough to keep the bugs outta my teeth with this grin! It figures though, I just registered it and the day after I take the paper off of it, the volt meter in the fairing starts to fall off. Normally after startup, I see the voltage up around 14 or so. Now though it's barely at 11 volts after startup and after about 50- 60 miles it'll drop down to just under 10 and stay there.
    Here's the weird thing though; it runs just fine all the while. Of course if I stop the engine after the meter reads below 10 volts, the battery can't crank it over to restart.
    I've been reading around but have yet to find another post with exactly the same symptoms. I know my way around a tool box and prefer to do my own work when I can. I'm just not sure where the problem lies with this set of symptoms: Stator, Rectifier, or Battery.
    I'd sure appreciate a point in the right direction.
    Here's a little more info on the bike if you think it'll help to know:
    2002 Electra Glide (EFI) police bike. Located in Denver, CO.
    29K miles on it. 1450cc. Screamin' Eagle air intake & pipes, everything else is stock as I was told.
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    Just went through the same situation with my sled and finally got it back yesterday evening. Replaced the stator on 3 Apr and all was well for about 20 miles or so, then the rectifier went out. Then had the rectifier replaced yesterday. Sounds like one or the other is the culprit in your case. But regardless of which component has quit (stator or rectifier); replace both. Cost for both from the dealer is about $475. Good luck.
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    Bout right. If you are doing the work yourself, and can wait on shipping, you will be able to save some money ordering from one of the suggested companies here:

    Dealers That Discount Parts - Harley Davidson Community

    Of course, then you have to wait on the stuff before you can get your bike done and be back on the road. I usually bite the bullet and buy locally when it is an item that shuts me down.