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FLHTCUI conversion


I saw a guy who converts his Ultra to almost a Road King configuration. It looks very cool and was just wondering if there is something special he does in order to do this. It looked alot like a road king but was an Ultra. Is it just a simple matter of removing trunk etc..or is it a special kit?

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It's rather involved. I check into it once when I was looking for a previous road king and the harnesses under the fairing have to be replaced with the RK harness so you don't have a bunch of hacked up wiring. They unplug from the main harness and the new harnesses get plugged in but there's much more in the way of hard parts that need to be changed as the ultra and road king expose different parts.
I guess sometimes he just likes to kick around town and he removes the trunk and changes the seat to make it like a Road King instead of a full touring bike.