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Revtech DFO

Anyone running a similar set up? Looking for some help getting the DFO fine tuned.

Don't know if you have these instructions but here we go...

Tuning 1995-2007 Harley kits(except Gen3 kits)

Green LED pot(1st): Air fuel mixture screw adjustment. With TFI installed and the bike fully warmed up, screwdriver in hand, locate the green LED and the pot right below it. Using the throttle raise the RPM to a high idle or about 2000-RPM. Once there, slowly turn the green pot clockwise from the 1:00 position (off)
until you achieve the highest RPM and smoothest running sound (like a mixture screw on a carburetor). You should find the best setting between 2:30 and 4:00 o’clock. If you turn the green pot clockwise and the engine does not accept any more fuel (RPMs drop when adding fuel) you may have one or more of these problems .

Yellow LED pot(2nd): Acceleration fuel adjustment. Anytime the LED is on, this pot is adding fuel. In neutral raise the RPM slowly up through the mid range and see no yellow LED. However, opening the throttle quickly from idle you “should” see the yellow LED come on. Add one clock position at a time until the bike says too much (hesitation) then back off 2 clock positions, if adding makes it worse go opposite direction. The yellow pot adds most of its fuel below 75% of maximum RPM. If no yellow LED there is not enough load to turn it on. At that point the street or dyno will be able to show the difference.

Red LED pot(3rd): Main jet fuel adjustment. It adds about 5 points of main jet fuel with every clock position. For example, one clock position is the same as 150 to 155 main jets. Fine tuning: Start with the suggested setting and then add one clock position at a time until the bike says too much (hesitation) then back off 1 clock position, if adding makes it worse go opposite direction. The red pot adds most of its fuel above 70% of maximum RPM.

RPM pot(4th):
1 - Sets RPM that the red LED pot (main jet fuel) turns on. All Harley. One clock position is roughly 1000 RPM. This pot should be set to about 70% of redline. (For example: Harley Softail redlines at 5600 rpm and 4000 is roughly 70% of redline which would be 4:00 o’clock). Verify setting by raising the RPM in neutral, look for green and yellow LEDs to shut off and the red to turn on at the chosen RPM or refer to suggested settings if you have no tachometer.

2 - Shuts off idle fuel. In some cases modified engines
can produce a richer than normal idle mixture. 1:00 o’clock through 6:00 o’clock sets RPM that the red LED pot (main jet fuel) turns on. When the 4th pot is turned
to 7:00 o’clock the software is instructed not to add fuel until 1250 RPM. Also, when setting the 4th pot at 7:00 o’clock the software automatically defaults to 4000 RPM (internally) to switch to the red LED pot (main jet fuel).
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Okay I have the bike Bike set up pretty well. Very powerful and quick.:D I am getting quite a bit of deceleration popping and my gas mileage has dropped. Any particular pot to start adjusting down?
Work with the yellow pot (accelerator pump) turn it as low as you can. It can gobble up the gas.