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    I have a 1996 Harley Davidson FLHRI that has a sporadic clunk or loud click. Slows the motor every time it makes this noise. Took it apart and nothing visually wrong. Bought the bike like this last year and I was told the clutch was just replaced and the noise should go away in about 1000 miles (yeah, right). 2000 miles later, it's still there. Getting rather annoying. Could the clutch be sticking? Wrong fluid? Any ideas would be helpful
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    Does this happen while riding or just in neutral??? When inspected was new and proper primary fluid installed??? How is operation while riding??? Is clutch adjusted properly???
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    It happens in neutral or in gear with clutch pulled in. I don't hear it while riding though. Primary oil was dark, I don't know what type. Clutch could use a proper adjustment, hard to find neutral when fully warmed up.

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    How much GAP is there in the cable?

    The clutch handle where the cable comes into it,,,, The ferrel and cable should pull NO More than 1/16 on a well used bike and MAX distance of 1/8 inch when bars are straight and COLD setting.

    The clutch can be set easily when cold. Derby cover off and In Gear, Try My method: Click on the Link below.

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