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    Got a big ( aka long ) trip planned for mid July. The short 250 miler ( one way ) trip I just took leads me to believe I need some serious padding. I've got a stock FLHR and want to add a seat cushion- gel, foam, combo. Anyone out there have an opinion on what they like and why? We're heading from Northern Ky. to Milwaukee. Your comments will be 'sorely' appreciated.
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    I have an Airhawk (air cushion) and have had good results. Works great and very comfortable, but the only thing I don't like is that it raises you in the seat an inch or so. I'm actually going to sell mine for that reason because I like sitting low in the sadde. But, if you don't mind raising up a little, they work wonders and can be stored in the saddlebag when you don't want to use it, or moved to another bike. They run around $80 which is a little steep for an air cushion, but much less than a new seat.
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    Here is a link to a thread I did a wee while back to help me get some more miles in on a day
    However I eventually sourced a mustang seat that fitted my needs and I have been very happy with it
    Summer trips can have up to 400 miles a day for 10 days inserting a gel pad helped mustang seat is better I can ride all day stopping for food drink and fuel without issue
    Fitting a gel seat pad - Harley Davidson Forums - HDTimeline.com

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