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  1. sfcaruso

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    I'm looking at purchasing a piece of hardware that claims it is a lowering kit for FLHR. Looks like a bracket with two holes for bolts. It is ......
    28528, White Bros. Black rear lowering kit. Is anyone familiar with this? Is it easy to put on? Is the ride still the same? I have heard that some lowering kits affect the ride of the bike. Thanks.
  2. Chopper

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    Welcome sfcaruso, I installed a white bros. lowering kit on my wifes XL back in 94 then when she got a new bike wanted them taken off and put on her new XL, untill she rode the new bike and felt how a bikes suppose to handle. I have taken many lowering kits off travelers bike over the years because cause of handling, tires rubbing and just plain alignment & roadability issues. You ride the best motorcycle ever made, keep her the best, invest in a pair of quality shocks, The ride is worth it, Harley made a good set for under $300.00.
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    I had those on a 06 rdking and it messed up the handleing but more important it let me bottom out twice and the tire ate thrugh the rear wireing harness. what a pain in the EDIT that was to put back! jmo!

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  4. Randall K. Wilson

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    I put the White Brothers lowering kit on this machine (FLHRI), shortly after I bought it new.
    The kit is still on there and I have never regretted installing it. However I will say this...in following the instructions as written. It did not go exactly as it should have. And frankly it has been so long that I can't tell you specifially what the issue was. I may...now I said may have had some parts left over that I did not use...even though I was supposed to use all the hardware and parts.
    So IMHO the instructions were off some. Hence I had to revert to "Common Sense" and got the job accomplished. Sir, I recommend the product. As I recall it was the cheapest way to get some lowering accomplished. Hope this helps.
  5. bikerfishman

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    Has anyone ever seen this rear lowering kit and if so do you know who makes them?

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    I bought a set off ebay for 25 bucks that have 3 stage lowering. I also have the short shocks from HD. I run my lowering kit in the middle hole and seem to have no problem with it bottoming out with me and the wife on it. However I tried the lowest position and it did bottom out. I am pleased with the ride now
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    I lowered my '04 RK 1 1/4 inches with a kit from So-Low...For the three years I had it on there,I thought the bike rode and handled just fine...until I took it off and installed some Progressive 12 1/2in 440 shock's...wow...I could not believe just how BAD the lowering kit made the bike ride and handle...Lower the bike using shocks...you will be much happier!