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  1. HDMAN60

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    I have a 2004 FLH and I replaced the motor with a newer 2006 motor that has a 95 inch kit complete with woods 590 gear drive cams etc. etc.

    I didn't realize that the throttle body intake flanges are different from 2004 to 2006 - they are aligned slightly differently, and I used the older 2004 throttle body on the 06 motor as it had the cruise control setup and proper matching electrical fittings - the electrical fittings are also different on the 06 T body.

    Here is my question if anyone can help me out - Can I just use the 2006 throttle body flanges on the 2004 throttle body or do I need to swap out the whole T body?

    Thanks all

  2. R.Bingham

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    Yes you can use the 06 flanges on you 04 TB.