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    Hey all,

    I emailed Sam at Ride Wright asking about replacement 40 spoke wire wheels that come as close to the stock spoke rims I have on my '02 Road King. He quickly replied referring to their 16 x 3.5 40 cross laced tubeless wheels. Now looking at my rims, they say T 16 x 300 D DOT. My educated guess is that there is a total of a half inch difference in width. Can anybody tell me if I will encounter any fitment issues with either the tire to the rim or rim to swingarm or should I inquire whether or not they offer a 3 inch wide rim. As always, thanks for all the input!
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    All things being equal, meaning same width change on tire, that would add 1/4" of width to each side. 1/2 total. The hubs should be the same. just the actual rim wider. I would think that you have plenty of room. If it were me, I would get down there with a inside diameter measuring calier and check my clearances to various parts before I bought one. The next question for them would be what size tire fits the rim in their opinion. If they suggest the same size tire as you 3" I wouldn't sweat it.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a tire pro, but makes sense to me