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    Hi Everyone ! I rode a sport-touring bike for many years and was very satisfied with it. As time went on, I started thinking about the possibility of a full touring bike. Comfort; for myself and my wife - who had started riding more frequently with me; was the biggest criteria along with still having enough punch under my wrist for when I need it.
    I researched American and foreign models and found myself drawn to American made Harley Davidson. My wife was behind my move 100 percent but I had decided I'd wait a bit longer and possbily pull the trigger on a new ride in 2012.
    Little did I realize my darlling had started a slush fund awhile back specifically for my new bike. She saved up a good chunk of change and for my birthday in June - gave me a blank check and told me to take it and my bike - go make a deal with a trade and get the new Harley I wanted. What a gal !!
    I picked up my new 2011 Brilliant Pearl Silver Road Glide Ultra the end of June. The learning curve has gone well. It's a different 'creature' from what I'm used to riding - but it's been an absolute thrill.
    I look forward to reading and learning from the HDTimeline site !!
    So hello to all from New England and ride safe.

    Thanks - Steve.
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    Congrats on the new steed. May you make many miles of memories upon it.....
    Welcome to the "BEST on the NET" Be sure to check out the Self Help Section for great tips and advice. Enjoy your stay!!!
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    :wce Enjoy that new HD!!!
    Ride Safe!!!
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    Welcome to The Forum:wce:rider
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    Welcome to the Forum from Central Florida! :wce
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    Thank you all ! Great bunch of people here !
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws
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    Welcome from Woodstock, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta!


    Be sure to take a few minutes to read through this and your stay here will be long and pleasant!

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