first time changing fluids, need help

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Sonorahd, Jun 25, 2012.

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    I usually pay the dealership to change my fluids but I wanted to save some money and am trying it myself. I have a 1999 dyna wide glide and ordered the repair manual but it wont be here for about a week. I did the primary fluid change and the engine fluid change but am stumped on the transmission. I dont know where the drain plug is. Ive searched and read a lot of conflicting answers all over the internet. The pan on bottom has two bolts, one on the left side actually on the side near the primary, and one on bottom near the transmission or rear brake reservoir. I would say the one by the rear brake reservoir is the tranny drain plug. I did already change the engine oil and drain it using the left side drain plug on the side of the pan. Problem is when I started to drain the right side drain plug on bottom by tranny fill plug or rear brake reservoir it looked real clean and i was afraid I was draining all my expensive engine oil. I should have waited for the manual but didnt and now I need your help. Where is the tranny drain plug? and when I drain it it wont drain the engine oil will it? I know I have read they are separate but the oil I was draining looked real clean and I dont want to drain all my expensive synthetic engine oil. Sorry for the stupid newbie rookie question. Twin cam 88 motor.
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    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1340671649.190038.jpg this is the drain plug on right side
    And this is the left side drain plug
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    In this pic you can see both drain plugs ImageUploadedByTapatalk1340671954.240445.jpg
    They are both on the pan and it looks like they would both drain the transmission pan but i guess they are seperated?
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    The oil drain plug on a dyna is on the left rear corner of the pan on the bottom of the transmission.The plug on the right side halfway up the pan is the transmission drain plug.
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    Thanks Steve07, I thought so but would kick myself for wasting all my engine oil. Thanks for the fast response too.:bigsmiley12:
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    Due to the fact that there are no real contaminants in the gearbox the oil will look as good when you drain it as it did when you poured it in although the structure of the oil will have been broken down by the actions of the gears meshing together there may be some fine metal filings on the magnetic part of the drain plug

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    Welcome to the forum from Minnesota, your not the first to be confused and won't be the last! Your correct, you can save a ton of money doing your own work. Don't be afraid to ask when your stumped, lot's of smart people on here.:bigsmiley23:
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    A guy told me that the drain plugs accept dual style wrenches. Standard open or boxed end wrenches (5/8" is what I remember) and Allen wrench in the center (maybe 3/16"). I still force myself to take the time to confirm before I proceed. Goes back to my drinking and wrenching days. I would be courious to know when this style of plug began to be used and if it is the same on the new bikes?

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    Can't tell you when it began?

    MY 09 FLHR 96" bike has an allen inside the 5/8 outer nut.
    (not for FINAL tightening or loosening)

    I only use it to keep fingers off the HOT plug when first broken Loose by the 5/8 wrench and some times to turn it back in and then Torque by FEEL with the 5/8 wrench.:D