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First Time Buyers


We saw a good deal on a low mileage garage kept bike. We are not sure whether we want to buy this one, the price is pretty fair, or whether we should go ahead with a new bike as we can afford a new one now. Since this is our first purchase, should we start with the gently used one?
If it your first purchase and you can afford new then why get used. At least if it’s new the only problems you may encounter will be manufacture issues. You never know what someone may not be telling you.
I was about to post the same thing as above. I think used means you may be buying someone else's worries. I am currently saving for a new bike. I want to be the only owner and I will only have to deal directly with Harley and no one else's issues if I buy new!
Thanks for the insight so far. I hope I get some more opinions here. One concern we have is that we may not use the bike much and we could more easily justify the money for a used one then. But, if we get the new bike we know we will likely have many less problems with it.
I can understand your thinking if you aren't going to use the bike often. I would still recommend going new because eventually I'm sure you will want to take a road trip and that's the last place you need to learn about any problems.
If you can afford it, why not go new? I would buy the new one if I could. Plus that way you can test drive different models and find the one you like the most. I wouldn't just settle for the used one, unless after trying out several that is the one you like the most.
It is always better to go for a new one if one can afford it. I have the experience of driving used bike. I had no idea then about the troubled times. If all is well then no problem but there are several areas which you have to sure before going for used ones.
I have been thinking that we have limited knowledge about what to look for on the used bike. I think we will have less worries with the new one. we are most likely going to buy one right after the new year!!!!!