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    Sat was the first nice day up here in the Northeast in quite a while. I have made quite a few changes this winter and I was anxious to try out my new OEM clutch and HB125 Hydraulic chain tensioner mods. The old parts were working fine (or at least I was used to them) but after 81,000 miles and 25 years I felt like it was time. The metal clutch disks had some grooves and the plastic shoe on the chain tensioner was cracked and worn. The bike fired right up and after warming up some and I shifted into 1st for what should have been a great first ride. Unfortunately it would only go 5 MPH. I turned it around in the street and brought it back to the garage. I was sure I would have to load it on my trailer and take it to somebody who knows what they are doing for a living. I had taken my time doing the work and I chided myself for breaking a fundamental rule of changing more than one thing at a time without testing it. I poured a glass of wine and broke out the service manual which helped to stem my disappointment. I tried adjusting the clutch lever but that wasn’t it. Then I popped off the Derby cover and the adjustment there was way too tight with no free play. I’m not sure how I managed to get it so wrong but it worked great once I readjusted it. In my zeal to make it tight the clutch basket must have moved. I kept the ride under an hour in case I had any more problems. I plan to readjust and change the Primary fluid after a few hundred miles.
    Sunday turned out to be another good day so I planned a longer ride. After 30 minutes I was heading into a more remote part of the ride when the engine stalled out in a curve. I flipped the Petcock to Reserve and it kicked back in. The gas gauge showed more than half a tank but I decided it was time to head back. Once I was home I dropped the SS Carb bowl and there was just a little dirt in it and it was nice to get it out. It’s been a few years since I installed a new chrome Petcock so I dropped that too. It looked pretty clean and I let all the gas drain out into a can. In hindsight I should have strained the gas coming out to see how much crud there was in it. I poured the gas back in and used a paper towel to strain it and there was plenty if stuff in it. I’m hoping that was the problem.
    All in all I think it was a good weekend. I wasn’t stranded anywhere and I think I’ll add the gas and Petock/filter flush to my yearly winter maintenance routine. I may as well add the clutch plate adjustment whenever I have the Derby cover off too. My personal goal is to eliminate the need to go to the dealer as much as possible even if there are a few bumps along the way. I appreciate all the helpful tips along the way. Thanks Bob
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    Sounds like you did just fine I to am trying to eliminate a lot of the service work at the Dealer. With help from this GREAT forum I'm getting better.