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    Hi, Bob from Illinois. Our current bike is a 2011 Road King Classic. We also have a 2007 Triumph Bonneville.

    Began riding in 1967, and have owned all sorts of different bikes, from Sportsters back then, to a long string of Brit Bikes - Triumph's, BSA's a Norton, a few Honda's and then back to HD for a long time.

    My wife and I enjoy long trips on the Road King, like 4-5 days or so. Just this year we've been to South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin many times, Indiana, and Iowa. I'm 60, hoping to retire someday if the economy ever returns.

    I used to do a lot of engine work, customizing and stuff, but now I'm very content to just relax, ride and enjoy things.

    I did belong to another very large HD site, but I think it's become too large for itself, and the usual inmates have taken over the asylum, to a point where you can't have a decent conversation anymore. Looking for a better group of dedicated riders and enthusiasts.

    Hope I can contribute a little here, and look forward to sharing experiences.

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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers
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    Welcome to the forum from southeastern CT.
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    Welcome to The Forum
    :rider:wce We have a Great crew here and Great Moderators so the Inmates behave:s
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    Ciao possiedo una fantastica 883r è la mia prima harley,l'ho sempre desiderata e ora che la posseggo sono felicissimo,è propio come la pensavo una moto fantastica sotto tutti i punti di vista..
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.