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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by cyborg, Jul 29, 2009.

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    It`s almost time to do my first oil change, Is it best to drain the motor and the primary with the bike on the jiffy stand or standing straight up?
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    When changing the engine oil in my wide glide, I stand the bike up straight and remove the drain plug, then lean it back on the stand with a pan underneath to let it drain. When changing the primary and transmission oil, I leave the bike nearly straight up with blocking under the stand.
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    Ok, I`m going with Mobile 1 in the motor and Spectro 6 speed in the tranny,,,,Can i use Mobile 1 in the Primery too?

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    You can, but why the expense for spinning chain and gear...can use regular heavy weight oil, can even be petrol baased as no big temperature swings or heavy pressure of meshing hypoid gears. Glider even recommends Formula + (dino lube) to keep things quiet, not fling off and staying put.

    Here is a good link to get you started...
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    Leaving it on the jiffy stand(leaned) is fine. You don't need to change the primary fluid yet, check your manual for the primary fluid change interval. Shouldn't be until 10,000 miles. IMO at the 10K change my suggestion would be to stay with the same fluid it came out of the factory with.(I'm a real believer in consistancy). As pointed out in another reply to your post, the primary is fine with Dino oil, synthetics are too slippery and you gain no benefit. (Others may disagree). At 1,000K (or at the end of my break-in period) I changed the tranny fluid and replaced it with Amsoil 75W/140 Severe Gear Oil. The 6 speed tranny seems to benefit greatly from this heavier oil, smoother and a little less noise etc...

    Mobile 1 V-Twin is a good lubricant and it's what I'm currently using, but
    I started off at 1,000K using Amsoil 20/50 and to be honest, I liked it better. In the real world Mobile 1 V-Twin may be as good or even better, but the Amsoil was thicker and it might be just my imagination, but I think it did a better job of cooling the oil.(It's very hot here in the summer months which is brutal on V-Twins at long traffic stops. Probably not as much a factor in cooler climates. The reason I stopped using Amsoil was availability, not dissatisfaction with the product. Mobile 1 V-Twin was the logical alternative as it's relatively easy to find here. Interestingly enough however, they both sell for about the same price here anyway, so price clearly wasn't a factor regarding my switch. Because I believe in consistancy I doubt I'd return to Amsoil even if became available locally again.

    I don't know how often you plan to change your oil, everyone has their own opinion on when to do it. I do mine every 2,500. That's oil, filter, and oil drain plug O-ring. Take care of your motor and it will take care of you. Frequent oil changes are a no-brainer for longevity in any engine.

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    ride the bike for 15mins then leave it cool down a while before draining the oil. that'll help flow the old oil faster.

    bike on jiffy stand while draining is ok.
    when the draining was nearly finished, i rocked the bike just to get old oil out as much as possible. then i changed the oil when theres no more oil drop.