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  1. bubba1213

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    I am looking at a new harkey I think I want a ultra limited I will be coming from a goldwing I want to buy a brand new one but not sure how the dealers work is it like buying a car and you offer less or is it what they say goes
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Haggle and go home . tell them to call u when they work the numbers u want. If they want to move bikes , its a starting point or talk them into ESP:s
  3. dbmg

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    Just like buying a car. Do not let yourself get pushed into something not comfortable with. With the 2011's out I would think wheeling and dealing on 2010's is in order. Any Honda dealers nearby that also sell Harley's to maximize trade in.
  4. bubba1213

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    luckly I wont have a trade I sold goldwing boy I hop I like the harley the one I am looking at the salesman said the list was 26k I was thinking about offering 25k cash see if they go for it
  5. Scrappy

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    i would start lower and remember you would be happy paying 25k. for that price. i hope you like it to. i'd bet you will :) good luck
  6. geezer

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    I would start lower also, maybe 22k. You can always go up.
  7. rklew

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    Go with 20k for the start.:s
  8. bubba1213

    bubba1213 Member

    I was accually thinking about taking 23k cash see if they would take it 25 is sorta high

    20k would be nice but the one im looking at is a 2011 sweet looking so am thinking I would be happy if they would take 24k not sure I would any more
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  9. Locke

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    Check with different dealers, several friends have purchased new bikes in the last month. One could not deal with local dealer, acted like they were doing him a favor selling him a new bike. 20 miles up the road, another dealer was bending over backwards to earn his business. Deal included different wheels, and a discount on goodies purchased at time of the sale. He spent the same amount of money the first dealer wanted just for the bike, but walked away with a more custome ride!

    Strange thing, a month later another friend walked into local dealer and got a deal similar to the one the first friend got 20 miles up the road...... go figure

    May depend on the bike your buying, how long it's been on the floor, how many they have sold that month.

    Take your time, shop around, and ask what extras they are willing to give.
    Tough times, bad economy, and plenty of bikes should work in your favor.

    Good Luck
  10. tire smoke

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    Last time I was in Daytona, they had their Limited's marked at $4k over MSRP.....the saleman told me they couldn't keep them on the floor......I told him anytime they needed one just let me know.....I'd buy it at MSRP in Savannah and sell it to them for a $4k profit any day.....Savannah sells them quickly as well.......