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    I got my first real bike. The bike is flawless. It is a 2006 Electra Glide Standard BLACK. It only has 4,200 miles on it. The only problem that I have is the water spots that are all over the heads and engine. When the Harley dealer bought it, they put it in the back of a truck in the middle of winter. So it was blasted with all the salt and (EDIT) that goes on in upstate NY. How do I get these water spots off the heads on the engine and the engine?

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  2. ultra...good

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    Product called S100, can get it at bike shops/HD dealers. Works real well. I have black powder coat and it cleaned it up relatively quick but more importantly, it looks real good.
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    Welcome to the forum Icky. The standards have clear coated aluminum engine covers. Your water spots may be discolored or cracked clear coat which is very difficult to clean up. Try using some polish (not pure wax) on an inconspicious part of the engine. If you don't get black residue on your cloth it's clear coated and you will have to remove all of it to get a uniform look. If it does have black residue, you can use an alum. polish to clean it up.
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    I used Mothers Carnauba cleaner wax to get salt spots off of my paint on the fenders, but it took a lot of rubbing.
    it says it removes oxidation from clear coats.
    Discount autos sell it.
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    Best thing to do is remove all those aluminum covers and have them chrome plated. Thats what I did and what a difference.:s