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  1. liquid_wrench

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    I remember when we got our first Colored tv set.....It was 1975 ( I was 13) and it was a Sylvania with the push button 25" screen. What year did you get your first colored tv? You have to be a little older to remember black & white
  2. Breeze3at

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    I think it was around 1975 when I got my first color TV. However, in 1966 when I was 20, I had a 29 yr. old girlfriend who had a 21" color TV. BATMAN in color! ZAP/POW/BANG.
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    I think it was sometime around 69,70 it was a Zenith cause my dad thought they were best. We had an old b&w when we lived on Guam in the mid 50's but it didn't matter because the only station then was the Armed Forces Channel so we hardly ever watched it
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    1970 or 71. It was also a Zenith console TV. In 67 my dad came home with this plastic screen cover that was supposed to make our B&W TV show colors. All it did was give everything a green/blue pallor.
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  5. Jeff Klarich

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    I don’t recall the 1st color tv but I do remember the b/w tv we had. I remember every once in a while the tv repair man coming out to de-magmatize the tv with what looked like a minature holahoop. He’d make a circular motion on both sides of the tv box with the hoop, what it did for sure who knows.
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    October 81 just back from an operational tour of Belize i had lent my b&w portable to my mates wife for the duration of the tour met him at the airport and he told me it blew up a few weeks earlier
    As the RAF VC 10 started approach to edinburgh airport the captain announce the front undercarrige wont come down we were to divert to brize norton as that raf base had better facilities for foaming runway however flight engineer climbed through a hatch and battered something with a hammer and front wheel went down we landed ok
    Our camp was 15 miles away once through customs back to camp staright to mess and got really drunk slept on the floor that night
    Next day got bedding and a lift to nearest town and bought a 13" hiatchi colour portable tv put it to the recycling center about 11 years ago when the analogue signal was switched off in our area and it was no longer of any use
    My parents had colour tv before that but this was my story

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