finished fixing most of the damage from my little booboo

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by freebyrd, Aug 18, 2008.

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    went out today and changed my black fin derby cover for the old original chrome that i still had lying around, while i was in there i deadjusted the clutch lever and oiled it and did the adjustment on the clutch pack someone should mention that if you do this adjustment yourself make sure the bikes out of neutral or when you put your 11/16ths wrench on and turn it to loosen up the clutchpack the whole thing will just turn,lol

    anyway got it done oiled up the cable and left about a 16th of an inch play or about the width of a dime on the lever,
    took it out for a spin and shes fluid tight and shifts beautifully

    i kept the black fin derby cover and pancake gasket and sure enough there is a crack running from the top bolt hole and runs about an inch and a half straight down the cover, i think it can be welded and go back on fine and the fin cover itself isn't all that scratched up there are a few blemishes that can be ground down with a dremil tool i think,touch up with some black paint and put it back on in the spring
    still need to replace the c clamp on my detachable windshield think i'll try the jbweld couldn't hurt i suppose,
    i took it out for a ride tonight and i swear these bozos at the dealer must be liars or incompetent because it runs and shifts smooth as the day i bought it

    and the dealer was supposed to do all the clutch adjustments at 1000 miles the last time they touched my engine they pencil whipped the work order and said they did but i doubt it so unless its electrical i can do all this stuff myself easy,
    i wasn't really expecting it but i am suffering from some sort of post traumatic stress from the crash when i get out in traffic cagers get to close or brake lights start going on in front of me makes me a little edgy
    sure i'll get over it with time
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    went riding last night and felt a little less nervous, so mentally i'm coming back:D
    just to normal crazy not straight up crazy
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    Glad to hear you are getting comfortable again. Having dropped mine...4 times now I think (learned something new each time)...thankfully with no damage. I was a bit nervous but that hasn't stopped me, now I can say I am comfortable again, but still get a bit nervous at times with slow speeds.