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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by carlosf2727, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. carlosf2727

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    I recently bought a 1978 Sportster. My question is.... is it normal to not be able to put it in neutral when it is stopped?
  2. jamesearl

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    I would get that on my Sporty,when it was time to get a new clutch.No,it's not normal.
  3. Jeff Klarich

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    Sportster Clutch & Primary Chain Adjustment
    Take a look here, have you checked the primary chain? is the shift linkage adjusted correctly?
  4. T in Texas

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    When stopped you should be able to find neutral from either first or second gear. If not, it could be time for a clutch adjustment?? I ended up going to the "Fix my Hog" website and joined up to watch the complete video for the sportster clutch adjustment. It was worth the bucks cause this guy will walk you through any fix. If a clutch adjustment is in your future don't forget to get a new quad ring seal (I think that's what he called it) that fits under the derby cover. Also a new o ring for the drain plug. It is a great time to change to synthetic oil down there too.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    1) Remove the access plug on the primary.

    2) Loosen locknut on cable where it enters the primary. Turn the cable adjuster in until there is a large amount of free play at the hand lever.

    3) Loosen the adjustment screw lock nut. Turn the adjustment screw inward until it starts to release the clutch ( screw turns harder ). Then turn 2 turns farther in.

    4) turn the cable adjuster back out to where all of the slack is just eliminated ( no play in the lever ). That's the correct cable adjustment.

    5) Through the primary access hole, loosen the locknut and back off the adjustment screw until the clutch is fully engaged ( screw turns easier ). Then turn the screw back inward to the point where adjustment screw free play has just been eliminated. From this point, back the screw out 1/4 to 1/2 turn to establish the correct adjustment screw free play, hold the screw in position and lock the locknut.

    Check the clutch lever free play. There should be about an 1/8" of free play.