Finally the day has come

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    Hi All

    Yust thought I let you know about it.
    Today I will be picking up my long awaited new Electra glide. I bought it at the end of March but due to dealer incompetence it took untill now to get the bike registered.
    Needless to say they have sold a bike but, lost a customer.
    The weather here in this part of the UK is beautiful today and I can't wait to get her on the road.
    I have already recorded my favorite MP3's on a disc ready to play.
    I have not bought any extra's yet apart from the intrgrated bluetooth phone kit.
    I was thinking about changing the headlight for a Xenon one but have had some reply on the question about it on this forum and decided against the whole idea.
    This will be my third Harley and having had a 1200 Sporty and later a Dyna-Convertible I'm planning to keep this one for a long time.
    I'm really a sunny-day rider and hate to go out in rain so no guaranties about how many miles I will be doing. Call me and idiot but, I think that this global warming thing might not be such a bad thing afterall. (just kidding:s )
    Anyway.... I might be busy in the next few days but I will send some pic's soon.
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    Ahhh Littlehampton, many a childhood day spent on the miniature train/pitch and putt, and the resident fair. Used to hire a beach hut with Mum & Dad and even then would hear a bike and run to watch.:5:

    Are you enjoying the bike? and do you get the little boy in short trouser feel on occasions?