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Finally got to ride today!!!


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Spring is coming all the temp hit 48 today I I decided I was tired of polishing. I took a small road trip on my project fxrs and I've been in a good mood the rest of the day. It ran wonderfully, and after the summer I had with it last year that was a welcome change. :D
Glad to hear it Apyle its great the bike is working good for ya.Must have been a little nerve racking to get it out on it's maiden voyage since it's rescue from the barn .It's also nice you dont rub it in peoples faces that you got to ride some others around here COUGH..snuffy...COUGH
Good go there in getting in the wind. I Put in about a hundred miles yesterday here in KY, it was perfect. Now rain and snow mix for three days,, bummer man. Ol Man Winter, I spit at thee.
Got the wife out for the first time today. I've been taking it out to get familiar with riding again. I finally got comfortable enough to take her out with me. It rained today but late this afternoon the sun came out and the roads dried up. It was about 53 degrees and not too windy. Like me she is going to need to get used to riding out in the air without anything around her. She enjoyed it but was a little bit uneasy. I think she will be OK after some more rides.