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Finally Found it !


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Ok! OK! just returned from a rally down Texas way. "Thunder on the Colorado". What i found was absolutely some amazing stuff. If anyone noticed my lengthy answer to a question here not too long ago...the subject was "How long do you spend on cleaning your bike" or "What products do you use to clean your bike". Well my answer was: I spent about 3 or 4 hours and used several different products. Now stop the presses!, and hold the phone. Honestly guys, and gals I found the absolutely 100 percent perfect products. We went on a poker run on a hot windy Texas kind of day. Lots of dust, and dirt blowing around in the air. Was wanting my bike looking good for a parade that evening but no place to wash it that was close. I had ask where was a car wash...a lady told me that I needed to visit a vendor at the rally. She told me the guy guaranteed her she won't need water to wash her bike. Having a black Road King and being very particular I really did not believe its possible to clean a bike without first washing with soap and water. Also black shows everything...specially fine scratches. Still I checked it out. This guy was detailing 60,000 dollar customs bikes w/o water and some really dirty looking bikes and to top it off one was a black with beautiful red flames( almost ghost flames)...Honestly I thought it was a trick. Well he talked me into trying it, and "Honest to God!" I never seen anything like this before. I sprayed it on and just wiped it off...My bike was heavily covered with dust...No scratches just a beautiful and brilliant shine...even the chrome looks great...the stuff is called "Purple Slice"...and their web site is of course Purple Slice I been helped so much since i been on this site I wanted to share this info with anyone looking for a way to shine your baby up...Oh! and No I don't sell the stuff....HONEST!!!! :bigsmiley12:
I have a pearl black bike so I know what your talking about, I will have to check it out if it works that good. Take it easy fourdogs and safe riding