Final Reward

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    There were 3 women – Mary, Sue and Jane. They were all involved in a tragic car accident in which all 3 died.
    Now, they all stood there, at the gates of heaven. An angel came up to them and said, "You are all to be allocated a method for transportation around heaven. You will be judged on your past deeds, and will have your transport chosen accordingly".
    The angel looked at Jane and said, "You, Jane, were a bad woman! You cheated on your husband 4 times!!! For this, you will ride around Heaven on an oldbeat-up Jawa moped".
    The angel next looked at Sue and said, "You, Sue, were not as evil. But you still cheated on your husband 2 times. For this, you will forever travel around heaven on a Suzuki GZ 250".
    The angel finally looked at our hero, Mary, and said, "You, Mary, have set a fine example. You did not have sex until after marriage, and you never cheated on your husband! For this, you will forever travel through heaven on a brand new Harley Davidson Tri-glide".
    A short time later, Sue and Jane pulled up on their cycles next to Mary’s Tri-glide. There Mary sat on the bench in front of her awesome trike, head in hands, crying.
    "What's wrong, Mary???" they asked. "You got the Tri-glide!!! You are set forever!!! Why so down???"
    Mary looked up, ever so slowly opened her mouth and said, "I just saw my husband go by on a skateboard". :cry
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    Good 1.:lolrolling
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    That's great! Thanks for a chuckle to start my Saturday