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  1. chuck60

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    The 09 road king I just bought has a stage 1, are the round filters reusable, and if so, how do you clean them and do you have to spray them.

    Thanks, Charlie
  2. gusotto

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    If you have a Harley filter like the SE model, they are washable with warm, soapy water.
    Do not spray the Harley filter with an oil.

    That is for the K&N filter and a different animal.

    The video (must be an old one) was misleading as he said the filters would crumble if washed. The SE filters don't. They are washable.

    If you have a K&N filter, it should have the name on it, then you can wash and oil.
    K&N only.

    I have the SE air filter and I wash and dry, then reuse.
  3. 89stroker

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    For the SE filter, I use the K&N cleaner to dissolve the dirt, then gently run water from clean side to dirty side to rinse everything away, then let dry naturally.
  4. markwolumla

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    Gusotto. O no, I just cleaned my filter with the K % N kit, ie, oiled it. I have a round filter that I thought was a K&N filter. I thought something was a miss , as the filter had no markings of manufactuer on it. So it must be the SE filter. So is the SE filter i applied oil to need to be replaced, or can I degrease it , wash it in soapy water , let it dry , and all is ok ??? Thanks
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  5. gusotto

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    The instructions in my Harley SE A/C kit stated it did not need to be oiled.
    Caught me by surprise because I have a K&N on my Sportster and was expecting a need to oil.

    One less thing to oil.....

    I went out and checked my filter (I was going to clean it anyway) and it has the H-D bar and shield stamped on the metal housing with message
    "For H-D Twin Cam Covers Only"
    "Dry filter"
    "Do not oil"

    I'd guess if it doesn't have anything marked on the filter, you might not have a Harley filter.(They love to put their name on everything).