Figuring out what seat will fit my Ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Toolman44092, May 20, 2012.

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    I'm looking for a seat that will let me slide back farther than stock but still have a decent enough cushion for a passenger. My stock pillow cushion makes me feel like I'm riding the tank. A friend let me borrow a seat that was lower, but it wouldn't fit my Ultra. There are two support bars that support the tour pack that hit the rear of the seat and don't let it lay down on the fender. I looked at my stock seat and saw that it has two indentations on the underside of the rear cushion that allow it to fit. Now I'm worried about buying another seat thinking it will hit those supports. I'd prefer to stay away from some of the custom seats as I'm looking to spend $200 or less. If anyone has been through this or has suggestions, let me know. I'm thinking a Road Glide seat, but I don't know if they rear end will fit. My bike is a 2000 Ultra.
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    A lot of dealers have DEMO seats to try out.
    Drop by and check them out.
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    Depends on how much further back you're talking about but Mean City can modify your seat pretty much to your specifications.

    Mean City Cycles - Custom Seat Modifications

    I just spent some time on the Mustang website earlier today and they have lots of touring seats that move you back an inch or two, but I don't think they were under $200.

    BTW, your sig says Street Glide - did you trade in for an Ultra?
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    Definitely try the DEMO seat deal...our local dealership had a huge selection to try, but recommend a "long" trek to ensure you're getting the correct fit for the price.

    Otherwise, like Dr. D suggested, many riders very pleased w/MCC (myself included). For ~$150 you send seat off & get it back within a week looking good as new, but X1000 comfier. Give them a call to discuss options for your situation.
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    Another happy MCC customer here.
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    Harley makes a "Tallboy" seat that moves you back. Any touring (FL--) seat for 1997-2007 will fit your frame. Note; Road King and Street Glide seats have a shorter nose, and won't cover the tank bolt, but there's an accessory pad that covers it.