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    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced any problems with this unit on their fuel injected Harleys. My check engine light came on and gave me a ECM failure code. However if the ECM failed the bike would not run at all. It was only firing on 1 cyl and sounded like a loud Vespa! My dealer informed me that the FI2000 was defective and needed to be replaced at quite a cost. I decided to remove the FI2000, which consisted of unplugging the 2 O2 sensors, the crank trigger, the 2 fuel injectors and ground wire. I found the wires to the rear fuel injector was broken. So I repaired it and the bike ran great! So now i need to reset the codes and see what happens. So check all the wiring before you replace this expensive unit!!
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    installed fi2000 cobra 692-1614at on my 08 fatboy, bike has ness intake and cycle shack exhaust, bike never ran this well, auto tune feature is the way to go, but pricey over tripot units, no problems yet
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    I have the orginal FI2000 Tuner on my 05 EGS. I also have the Screaming Eagle Stage 1, and Screaming Eagle Mufflers. Bike runs great. I have 87K on this bike now. I am look at the auto tuner. Not sure if I will get it or not, but I am very satisfied with the Cobra FI2000 Tuner.
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    I have the Cobra Auto tuner on my 2011 FB Lo, I absolutely think its the cats (EDIT) . Bike runs great, no more popping on accel/decel AND if I want to change anything out in the future it will adjust to the change. Also works great when I am hammering it or just putting along over a hill or whatever, also adjusts if I have a passenger or not(never adjusted for that yet, my Ole Lady don't Hopefully it stands the test of time.
    Currently have Ness Big Sucker & V&H twin slash Slipons with Big city Thunder quiet baffles.
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    I have the Cobra FI2000R Auto tune on my 01 Ultra with the MM injection. Works great with the Ness Big Sucker Stage 1 and the Cobra 4" slip-ons with the S&S 510G cams. average 40mph 2-up and 42 solo. Will be doing a 97" BB with TW-5G cam upgrade with Screamin Eagle Stage II heads that have been shaved .060 and ported and polished so will see how well it adjusts to the upgrades.
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    I have been wanting one of these but I am not sure if I will be going with it, however the auto tune is nice.