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FI Baggers Running Poorly


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Front Injector Harness On Touring Models
You may encounter an intermittent hesitation and historic front injector code,
P0261, on Touring models. If so, the condition could be caused by broken wires in
the ignition harness very close to the injector. Since the insulation is not damaged
the break cannot be seen. Wiggle the harness to determine if the condition exists.
It will cause the engine to missfire if there is a break.
If you do find a broken wire, it is likely due to a mis-positioned tywrap causing the
wires to the front injector to be pulled tight. The combination of insufficient slack
and engine movement can cause wire flex leading to the breakage. When you
repair the wire, be certain to allow slack in the ignition harness to prevent a

You can move the harness around by the injector plug and see if the engine stumbles when you do this. It will give you an indication of the problem if this is where you have a break in the wire.

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