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Fema Fraud Crackdown


Jaqueline Collington, 29, will spend two years behind bars. She and 25 others are accused of filing false claims for Hurricane Katrina, even though they live in Central Florida. They used the names and Social Security numbers of friends and family to file nearly 50 false hurricane disaster claims. They stole $83,000 in total that was meant for Katrina victims. Two years is double the time recommended by federal guidelines. It was meant to make an example of her. IMO, she should have gotten more time there are people that really needed that money.
She should have got 2 years for each false case she filed. I can't believe some of the jerk offs and the things they will do for a buck. or 83 thousand of them. lol. This is really sad and to hear people still putting down N.O. folks makes me sick when the rest of the country just as bad if not worse.
Yes, it should be a much stiffer punishment than this. I heard a few others that did the same thing, I am glad they are catching up to these crooks and wish they make a better example out of them.
i agree with the two years for each fraud count. how can anyone be that low, with all of the need and misery that exists as a result of Katrina you have to be real slime to try to profit illegally from it. I hope her jail time is hard and LONG!!!