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Feeling my age today


Weather has been great the last few days and I've been riding the Nightster to work ( 50 mile round trip ). My lower back is telling me I'm not 20 anymore.
I want to upgrade to Progressive 412's but I'm unsure of the shock length for the Nightster. Different sites list it at 11 inches, 11.5 inches, and 12 inches. I love the bike's look and don't want to change it, just want soften the ride a bit. Any help will be appreciated.
The correct length is 11" and the Progressive Shock website will give you the exact pn.# for the Nightster. Do you have the stock shocks set to tight, are they bottoming out? Sounds like one of the two if it is just you. Also be aware of the tire pressure which needs to be checked regularly. The tubed tire looses PSI quicker. I run 36-40 psi, higher if two up.
You are not feeling your age so much as you are the victim of H-D. I too own a Nightster and after getting the wind knocked out of me after hitting a bump in the road, I opted for Progressive Suspension black 412 shocks at 12.5"

This shock gives slightly better ground clearance, while provideing a ride that Willie can only dream of!

At the same time, I replaced the fork springs as well. Out with the 10 cent H-D item and in with Progressive Suspension again.

Thesae changes yeilded a motorcycle that can be ridden more than 50 feet without a trip to the doctor. Words cannot describe how good the ride is. :bigsmiley10:

The longer shocks do require adding some material to the kick stand to that the lean angle is less severe, however, the change is more than worth it.

The previous writer is correct, the stock schock length is 11. painful inches.

Hope this helps.
Thank both of you for your responses. I have a birthday comming up and 412's in black are on the top of my wish list.
The reason for the length qusetion was with all of the choises listed by the various dealers I wasn't sure if the shocks had a "preload" on them and the length would be 1/2" to 1" longer than they measure on the bike.

XL1200N: The shocks are at the "soft" setting. I will have to check the tire pressure. The bike is set up as a solo ride and thats what I really want.

hjacobson1: I'm glad to hear that it wasn't just me getting older. I don't think that I'll raise the bike as I'm 5' 5" tall and the bike really fits me well. As cash allows I am looking into a Gel pad with memory foam seat reshaping (with a nice soft spot for my old tailbone) and progressive springs for the forks.

Again my thanks to you both

That was the first thing I did was bumped the setting to the third rung and then after that I stuck with the fourth. I weight 180#'s and ride very rough roads w/o too much trouble. I think you should try setting them up stiffer and check tire pressure frequently. That first setting is for a 120# or less rider. You didn't say if you are bottoming out and that is what is jarring. I am 46 and have one fake hip and screws etc. in my opposite shoulder, so I really understand the need for comfort.
Xl1200N: Looks like I need to dig out the owners manuel and do some reading. I weigh in at 195 so bottoming out is probally my problem. My last everyday bike was a '51 Indian and all of this "new fangeled" technology (read adjustments) is just starting to soak in.:bigsmiley11:.
In talking to some other riders I'm told that hwy 680 (my road to work) is the second worst road for riding in this aera:bigsmiley21:. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

smitty901: I just don't think that I have "bagger" in me and I'm 56 this year. I grew up in the "if it don't fit in your pockets, it stays home" school. Besides all of that polishing would just wear me out :s.

Hi Bart,

Had a feeling that was happening. I know 680 very well. I live is Santa Cruz and go that way out to the Sierra's often. Not the worse road by far though. Come ride around here with us to see some rough roads. Where do you live? Who do ride with? U R welcome to come ride with us. Check out our website:

We have a bike blessing coming up March 29th in Stockton & ours here in Scotts Valley April 5th. Bring your friends. :ap
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Sory it took so long to reply but I have been settling an estate and it is taking the majority of my time (15 months at this point). I found time to install the Progressive 412's and 680 feels like a smooth ribbon of asphalt. I'll go to the fork springs next.

XL1200N I live in Concord. At the moment I'm not riding with anyone. I bought the bike to relieve stress and because I felt I had not been having any fun over the last few years.
But thanks for the invite maybe when things settle down I'll be able to venture out more.

smitty 901 Thanks for the info! I happen to know a pt real well and will put making time to see her (with the bike) at the top of my "to do" list.

Thanks again,