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Favorite time of day to ride


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I know that some like to ride anytime that they get the chance. I like to ride in the early morning and late evening and it also has to do with how hot that it is. Do you have a favorite time to ride?
I like the cooler temps, hot to me is just not worth it when you get all sweaty just for a ride. If you were to get stuck in stop and go traffic, it's time to pull over and lie in the grass:D
I normally ride to work every night at around 11pm and again home at 8am, five days a week. On weekends the wife and I ride to church and leave around 7:30am and return about 10am. I try to stay out of the extremely hot weather due to my wife having had a thyroidectomy recently and is not able to tolerate the temps.
I like all times...but my favorite time of year is fall and spring.....the smell of the fresh clean air is the best