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I love this game, but it so time consuming. Once you get on, it's hard to shut it off.My kids have gotten hooked on it also, so it cuts my online time down a lot.
Anyone play this?
You go and kill monsters and get weapons, potions ect...Go on quest, get a pet to help you out and stuff.
That sounds interesting. Is it for the PC or a gaming console? It sounds like an RPG, which are the best games but like you said can be very time consuming.
This is a very awesome game. It's a pc game, and it is very much like a RPG. You get to make your own character by mix matching hairs, faces, clothes, gender, ect. It is so cool, I love it. But normally, I can't make it past level 20.
I like this game and made it to like level 50. Takes nearly a whole day just to make it a few levels though.I hate when I mess up and go back through the gate and not the portal, you have to start all over again.
I love this game but I am not all that coordinated so I end up starting over ALOT! It reminds me of a game for PS2 Gauntlet Legends; it was pretty much the same idea.
Yeah, it sort of reminded me of that nintindo game Ledgend of Zelda, I played Zelda every day for months untill I finished it then never touched it again. I hate when I finish them.