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Help, I have a 2000 Fatboy the turn signals work with ignition on not running, and will work with engine running at idle, as soon as I give it some rpms the turn signals go solid. The flashers work all the time. I replace the turn module, all bulbs. No blown fuse, no leds, any one ever had this problem? :panic
That sure is a wierd one. Check the battery voltage when the lights go solid and see where it is at if it is above 12 V and how much.
Yes, I did check voltage for drop, not any. At idle it is just under 12v and at about 2500 rpm it is just over 13v and stays thier with just a slight rise to about 13.4 at 3500 rpm. At first I thought it could have been a regulator issue, turns out not to be, at start up and running down highway thier are no lights on, this bike does not fuel injection or security system.
In your first post when you say

"as soon as I give it some rpms the turn signals go solid".

Are you saying they go to the brighter filament and stay there (front), also the rear lights light on the single filament in them too ?
You have both front and rear lights lit on the directional filament?

Have you done any chrome switch housings on this bike?