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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by TNfatboy, Apr 22, 2009.

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    If i put a complte exhaust system lets say vance and hines short shots or something about like tht what all would i have to do? itts a 05 Fatboy Flstf
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    good advice above - do it right and do the entire stage 1 upgrade. I'll elaborate a bit:
    Buy the pipes, a good aftermarket air cleaner, SE or Arlen Ness big sucker are both good. You'll also need a fuel management device. Here's where some research and learning is needed.
    Are you planning on doing just the stage 1 then leaving it alone? Or, do you think you might upgrade to a 95" big bore kit in the future? Depending on how much engine modification you think you'll do, you can pick a tuner to suit.

    If you're only doing the stage 1, and you go with vance and hines pipes, the vance and hines fuelpak will be your easiest bet. it's very easy to install and program.
    If you're going with some other brand of exhaust, the TFI seems to be quite the unit, and it can be used for more engine mods as well - mild cam upgrades and head porting. this device requires tuning like a carb - ride, then tweak, ride then tweak.

    If you think you'll be doing major engine work in the future, go with something like a power commander. This device can alter fuel, timing, and a whole mess of stuff to precisely control your engine. The power commander needs a laptop computer to program for the stage 1 (which is simple to do), and a dyno for further upgrades.

    hope this helps.