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    I got a Fatboy and put a sundowner deep bucket seat on it last year. I can't enjoy the backrest because the handle bars don't come back far enough.

    First question - I like how my wrists feel with street slammers but how can you find the right rise and pull back that will feel good without spending the $800-$1000 that I am being quoted for new handle bars, wiring, and installation?

    Second question - What level of experience is needed to do a project like this yourself vs having a dealer do this?

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    If you can find somebody at a rally or bike show that has a Fatboy with bars that YOU like, this would be the best way to make sure you find the right bars and see if anything else is required.

    As long as you are not too long or going with apes that require longer wire harnesses, and assuming you are leaving your wires outside the bars, changing is not too big an ordeal. May have to go with a longer clutch cable unless you have hydraulic in which case longer tubing may be necessary. Also, is that bike "fly-by-wire" or do you have throttle cables? If the latter, they may need to be longer too.

    Don't forget to follow the book when you are mounting your front brake grip assy. Need to use a little spacer to make sure it is OK.

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    Thanks for the links...will take a look.

    This is a 2009 fatboy, bought last August.