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    my scoot is 2004 fxstb i would like to put a fat tire on the front. i know that i will have to buy new rim ect. but would i have to get longer forks . OH YA it has a 21 on front now....
    what are my options with this. latter i want a longer rake like two years from now $$$$$$ are tight. i do my own work too. save's those $$$
    thanks in advance in case i forget :reyes
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  2. tourbox

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    If memory serves me right you have 41mm forks with a wide glide front end for the Night Train. You would have to get the new rim, fender, and wheel spacers for sure. Make sure the new rim has the same diameter wheel bearings as yours. Other wise the axle won't fit. I don't know if you have a 1" or 25mm diameter axle. As far as a longer front end goes I would get everything mounted then check you frame ground clearance near the front of the frame, get a before and after measurement.
  3. HDDon

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    You didn't say what diameter front rim you are going to use, 16, 17, 18? I believe that you can even get your 21" in a 3" width and you could mount your wide 130/140 fat tire.
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    my rear is a 16 inch so the front i would like the same. i dont want a 21 i like the fat tire look on the front.
    so would a wide glide front wheel fit between those forks . i dont care about the fender its going by by. i believe it has the smaller front axle .
  5. Bodeen

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    You going with out a fender altogether? You'll miss it if you do, Im afraid.
  6. ciscokid

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    yup no front fender it will have the look im looking for that way. i dont ride in rain
    any more unless i have no choice. ive read where the fat boy front wheel tire assembly will bolt right on with only spacer change's. im still in the thinking stage's of this cause latter on im gunna get a longer rake and with that maybe the 21 will be better with a wider tire. what do you all think about the longer rake and fat tire. any old school guys in here.
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    Not sure why you want to ditch the 21" front wheel but each to his own. Your bike has a 3/4" front axle and therein lies the rub. All H-D wheels have the same hub width, so any early model softail or dyna whell should bolt up and with very minor modification.

    Not so with later wheels which will have a 1" or 25mm axle. Just went through this exercise fitting a 2014 Breakout 21x3.5 front wheel to my '05 Deuce and mounting the 130x70 OEM tire for the Breakout. The Deuce front wheel is the same front wheel that comes on the Nightrain. I wanted to retain the '05 OEM axle and wheel spacers so I had some bearing reducers machined for that purpose. Then had to machine the wheel spacers to accomodate the added thickness of the reduce flange; the wheel bolted right up. If you wanted a fat front tire and retain the look the 21" wheel provides, I suggest looking around for a take off Breakout front; you can have the fat front tire and the 21" front. The Breakout fronts are going for $350-$400 for wheel and rotor; a bit scarce so when you find one, best to snag it before someone else does.

    Another option you have would be to find a 21" rim and send you hub and spokes to H-D Wheels or a similar shop to have the wider rim mounted to your hub. That option will cost more than the Breakout front but another way to skin the cat.

    Below is a picture of the Breakout front wheel on a '07 Nightrain. This was a direct bolt up as the '07 softails have 25mm axles.

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    dolt thats the look im hunting for thank you for the info. i will keep this saved for later use. and to all thank you for your imputs i need all the help i can get. some times u got to seek help. Thank You
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    You will miss the fender. They do more than just keep off the rain....


    been there, done that, finally put the fender back on.
  10. ciscokid

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    what am i missing about that fender being gone if you please? (dirt, rain,rocks)
    is there something im not thinking about that could be a problem?
    ive had many bikes with out front fenders and a couple with out rear fenders. (now those can hurt if you make a wrong move) ahhahah :D
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