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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by angelgarcia, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. angelgarcia

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    I have a 2002 road king harley, what does it takes to make my bike run like a 1000 plastic bike. I always try to catch one of this and can not. does it take a lot of modification or just a couple of parts can at least go near them. thanks for the advise.
  2. stray dog

    stray dog Junior Member

    No need to run like 1000 plastic bike when on a RK!

    Figure out where to go....they will follow you...just dont let them ride yours:D
  3. HDDon

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    Harley's are not crotch rockets and were never meant to be. There are many mods to make them run faster, but if that is what you want buy the crotch rocket.
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Welcome to The forum, Harleys that go fast do not last long and become unstable at that high of speeds IMO
  5. jamesearl

    jamesearl Senior Member

    My sportster was kinda quick.Road Kings are made for long haul touring comfort.
  6. dbmg

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    Bottom line is basic physics. You can not make a 800 lb motorcycle do anything near a 400 lb motorcycle with upwards of 150+ hp. Let alone try to corner a 800 lb motorcycle similar to a 400lb motorcycle. So its nothing more than a dream.................:33:
    Its like trying to get a Buick to perform like a Porsche......:lolrolling
  7. brianf

    brianf Member

    And just as importantly (more so in certain circumstances) stopping that much weight.
    The brakes on a super sport are far beyond anything I've experienced on a cruiser. If you were so inclined you could lock up the front wheel with a single finger.
  8. Biffy08

    Biffy08 Active Member

    I am not jumping on the "bash bus" but here something for thought:

    Did you ever notice how us Americans are so obsessed with speed? All the "hot rods" and "muscle" cars of yesterday could go fast in a straight line, but take it onto a road where you had to turn and brake, forget it. My HD and the 3 I have had prior, have all been let downs as far as keeping up with the Euro bikes and maneuvering. But that is not why I buy them!

    Anyone else agree?:cheers
  9. kdaddy

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    I appreciate your question and am not bashing the question. Crotch rockets are for adreniline rushes. At the end of my typical day i need to wind down not up. Thats why i ride an electra glide. I savor the serotonin induced relaxation not the intense upper. I will be fifty this year and realize i am not bullet proof like i thought i was 25 years ago. Ride what makes you happy.
  10. jamesearl

    jamesearl Senior Member

    My softail was a big let down handling wise.The RK and dyna handled just fine.But then again I've never rode a beemer or ducati,or any of their ilk.