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Fast idle on fuel injection-twin-cam


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I recently bought an 01 FLHTC with 13,000 miles. Records of service work came with it. The former owner installed Vance & Hine pipes and had the dealer install Screaming Eagle (?) box and remap. He later took in for fast idle after warm up. Dealer replaced intake gaskets. The bike still idles around 1100+ rpm when warm, 1050 cold. What do I need to do? I am use to a carb and idle around 600-700 rpm. Thanks.
First off, the Morelli bikes will never idle as you are use to and trying to lower the idle to that range will only cause you other problems.

1050 warm is an acceptable idle, they are set for 1000 +- 50 RPM's.

You can lower the warm idle down just a tiny bit with the adjustment on the throttle body but don't go any lower than 1000 at warm idle. If you look in the factory manual, it will show you the adjustment for warm idle.

Also as you said above "1100+ rpm when warm, 1050 cold." is a bit backwards???