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Fast Food and Fingers


A woman in California has claimed that she found part of a finger in her sandwich from Subway. Inspectors said they have found no evidence that anyone lost a finger and that it was possibly a thick piece of fat. They will continue to investigate, I'm thinking this sounds just like The Wendy's Chili Hoax, I hope this lady didn't forget what happened to that person who is in jail for the next nine years for false allegations and fraud.
The dumb things people will do to try and sue someone just irks me to no end. At least I sure hope it wasn't real, could you imagine? That would be really gross and deserve a huge lawsuit. But I am sure if someone lost a finger they would know where?
God, I would hope a person would notice if they lost his finger. I on the other hand would love to be the person that found it as long as it wasn't by biting into it. Can you say never work again??
lol, I wouldn't want to chance it that way. Yuck! Can;t even stand to watch that icky show where they eat all that crap for a million $, or a chance at $50,000 or whatever they do. I don't watch it.
How long does it take to see if just fat or person? That is strange, and yes I hope she not just pulling a fstone, too many of them going on here lately, no offense to the name but everyone trying to get a free ride!
When will people stop doing things like this. Just like people that fall on purpose and sue the place. I hope if she did fake it, they prosecute her. Why can't people stop looking for the easy way to make money.
I guess if she is trying to sue i would be less inclined to believe her from the get go. Shouldn't it be rather easy to see if the subway employees still have their fingers. People are just too dang greedy and too dang dumb nowadays!