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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Toolman44092, Jun 25, 2012.

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    I ordered a 6" dark smoke windshield from Fast Aire. The price was reasonable at $37 shipped. It arrived as a flat piece of plastic with protective tape on both sides. It has to be bent to fit into the batwing. Fast Aire has all kinds of warnings in their instructions saying that if you install it wrong it can crack.

    I followed their instructions to the tee, and I'm pretty adept at mechanical things. The windshield went in without cracking, and I thought all was well. Two days later it cracked from the center bolt right up the middle. Now I have two little Fast Aire 6" windshields.

    The moral of the story is you get what you pay for. I'd recommend staying away. They obviously have a lot of issues with their shields cracking or they wouldn't go out of their way to print all of the warnings. I installed mine exactly as they instructed, and it still cracked. Lesson learned.

    A windshield for a Harley touring bike should be pre-formed with the bend of the fairing in it, otherwise there is too much stress on the shield as it bends. At least that appears to be the case here.

    Disappointed. :no
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    Sorry to hear about your w/s dilemma, but thanks for the warning. Guess it seems odd they don't "curve" the shield to fit so it would prevent cracking. Hope you can get a refund.

    If you're looking for a replacement - Long Ride Shields has great discounts.

    Long Ride Shields - Flip-Up Harley Windshields
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    I get my windshields from somewhere in the Dakotas on ebay for 34.95. I can't remember if shipping is free. Anyway, they come flat, and are easy to curve around my batwing fairing. There are no warnings or instructions. Maybe you have a different material. Mine is polycarbonate (Lexan), same as the MC uses. Never had a problem. I will always buy from there.
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    I have purchased two of their windshields, one for my 08 and one for my 2011. The one for the 08 started showing small cracks at the top of the shield after about 1000 miles on the bike. I e-mailed them pictures and they replaced with no hassle at all. I've had the one on my 2011 for about 2000 miles and no problem. Give them a chance to make it right. I found Jim to be very easy to work with.
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    I purchased a windshield last year from a company (can't remember which one), the windshield was also flat, with all the warnings and a note that said to lay it in the sun to let it warm up before intallation.

    Followed all directions, installed no problem. On the ride to work the next day it split up the middle.

    I contacted the company and sent them a picture of the cracked shield. They replaced it for free and didn't even want the old one back.

    **On the install of the second one I used my heat gun to warm te windshield and form/shape it to my RG Fairing. I have had no problems with this one at all.

    Yes you get what you pay for but with some innovations you can save some money and have no problems.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I got one of those for my E Glide when I had it... Dakota Shields I believe was the name on Ebay, out of Sioux Falls. Didn't have any problem with it, and I swapped it on and off the bike a few times since I liked a taller one on long trips.
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    I'm with Steve on this one. I put a Clearview 12" Recurve on my 05 Ultra and it rocks.
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    I purchase a 7inch tented recurve from Fast Aire over a year ago, I think I paid 65.00 dollers with free shipping. Was told if it didn't work for me I could return it for full refund (was not sure of height) worked perfect. Came with curve of windsield and fit perfect. Been on trike for over 15,000 miles and no scratches or cracks. Thinking on buying a 11 inch for long hauls.