fairings? cowls??

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Scruffman, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Scruffman

    Scruffman Member

    ok, I'm not a big fan of them!! but after getting beat pretty bad today by the wind. I thought I'd ask some opinions!!
    I will not even think about the bat wing!! but the café fairing?? any one use this?
    if so does it help with wind deflection a little bit more that no fairing at all?
  2. joel

    joel Senior Member

    Wind really blows. I had to replace my windscrean a few weeks back do to a high wind gust from behind cracked the lower section by the mounting screws.
    Not that any of this helps you.
  3. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    If you are talking about your FXDL, there is that bubble fairing for around headlight.
    Something like this:
    And you probably do want to hear this, a full face helmet can go along way...........
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  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Ride 2000 miles with out a screen, then put any screen on you will not regret it, The taller and wider is a huge buffet and may slow u down JMO too old for non sense life in da slow lane
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  5. Scruffman

    Scruffman Member

    I didn't do 2000 miles, but I did do almost 300. A full fairing, to me just doesn't look right on a low rider...
    The one like dbmg is kind of what I was thinking about, but with less of a plexy glass rise.
    Does a fairing like that help? Or just eat the wind?
  6. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    In my opinion anything that redirects the air around you is a plus. You may find that with the aerodynamics of a fairing like what Bernie posted your mileage may increase. Air/wind hitting a flat surface like your body has to have a pretty substantial drag factor.
  7. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    You have to really think this out for you want the air to go up and over as best as possible. These bubble fairings though they do look cool may end up folding the air right at your neck. Some guys have installed the more standard type windshield that is not so high that they can not see over while riding but will give you better protection. There are some manufactures that at bottom of windshield can come in same color as bike so that the shield does not look as intrusive.
  8. Scruffman

    Scruffman Member

    Has anyone used or bought either the Memphis brand or National Cycle fairings?
    If so thoughts or reviews
  9. jamesearl

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    375310_3855702880493_1676531923_n.jpg I agree with you,it doesn't look good on a lowrider,or any dyna that doesn't already come with it.The only windscreen I've had on a bike is one that comes with it.And I take them off occasionally if they are removable.As long as I'm going under 80 mph,and keep my mouth closed,it's alright.Over 80, mouth open, my cheeks are flapping like a sail.I have recently gone from a FLHX to a FXDWG.Having the wind on you can be very cool.I didn't like not being able to remove the screen on the streetglide.It was great in cold weather,but it was hot in summer.I also wear goggles all the time.
  10. Scruffman

    Scruffman Member

    I did about 300 miles on a very windy day and I was beat afterwards. The fly screen or café style is like a bandaid, but I don't think I want to lose the whole open feeling. Just a wee bit of blockage is what I was thinking about