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    hi i have a 04 electra glide standard ,could anyone tell me how to remove the outer fairing , i have read the self help section and they said watch out you dont strip the threads , do i have to remove the headligt first then those 2 lower screwsand take the windshield off . any help will be appreciated , ive learned a lot from this site , thank you pete.
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    The head light comes off with the outer fairing,you just unplug it. Just make shure you cover the paint on your front fender,so your light bar don't scratch it.
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    If it's the same fairing as a Street Glide there are three screws for the windshield, two screws on the inside that are easy to see below the speakers and two on the inside that are down by the forks. The most important thing is to leave at least one of the windshield screws in to keep the fairing from falling off before you are ready to take it off. I'd put a pad on your fender just in case something falls plus it gives you somewhere to rest the fairing while you unplug something. I don't remember what it was that I had to unplug. Maybe it was the headlight. It's (EDIT) getting old.

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    I have removed my fairing 3 times within the last year and I am a novice.

    I prefer to remove the front headlight first. The headlight wires are short and I do not want to balance the front fairing in one hand while trying to disconnect the headlight socket.

    It only take 5 minutes to remove the front headlight from the fairing.
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    Be careful you don't over tighten the screws when you reinstall you can pull the inserts with the threads out of the fairing.
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    Hardest part is reaching the two screws down low by the forks. Just make sure to cover the front fender so you don't damage the paint. The headlight can stay attached to the fairing; just unplug it.

    The whole thing looks a bit intimidating before you do it the first time, then it's a piece of cake.

    If you do pull the bushings out of the plastic, the dealer has screw-in inserts that replace them for about $1.50 each. I've had to replace all three of the windshield bushings. That's pretty easy as well.
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    thank you all for your help , great people , great site , thanks pete.
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