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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tdj45, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. tdj45

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    has anyone else had problems with bat wing fairing mount brackets braking. just installed my second set on my 06 flhti 20,000 miles
  2. ultrat

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    welded mine added angle bracket to strengthen area needs to be thicker
  3. chester1957

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    They have been upgraded, do the new ones look the same as old? You might have to ask for the new style or they will keep selling the old stock till they are gone.
    I fixed a set like Ultrat did, cheap and easy fix.
  4. Iceman24

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    Yep, it's been a discussed problem on these forums & alot of guys do something similar to ultrat (support weld). I make a point to check mine in the spring & if I see/feel odd movement in the faring. Definitely a structural/R&D flaw & sounds like they've created sturdier brackets.
  5. Pacemaker

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    I wasn't aware they were breaking.

    It looks like I have to start inspecting mine from time to time now.

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  7. Crocker

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    very common, I think it also depends on the roads you travel, I live on a graval road ,so it is expected in my case , I do a weld, add some extra metal were the factory break (bend is) that is where they crack 90% of the time . they are made of some thin gauge metal. Ive found there is really no need to check unless you do ride on bad roads ,then you just want to go ahead and do some welding of some extra metal at the point where the bend is. If they are cracked you will know, Your faring will have alot more vibration then usual. I have talked with my service writer at my dealership about this issue and they just replace with the same ones there is no upgraded version as I am told, this riding season alone I fixed or did my upgrade to 7 or 8 bikes in my area , out here most if not all live on graval roads or travel down them at some point on any given day. So its a common issue.the brackets are 26 ga at best most likly 28 ga.I use 22 ga make 1''x1'' angle clips and weld them in seems to work have had no issues at all.
  8. chester1957

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    Just did a set of handlebars on a 2010 Streetglide, the vertical brackets have been updated.
  9. Butch

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    After a second set broke, I repaired mine with a hunk of 1/2 wide aluminum angle iron. Though, I like the looks of the aftermarket one in NEWHD74's link. Those are the first I've seen with the rubber pad.
  10. dbmg

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    After 17,000 miles in 2 years riding along sounded like something hit fairing pretty hard. At next stop figured out what noise was, fairing shaking badly. Stopped at dealer and was told broken bracket right side, updated brackets came out April 2010. Bike out of warranty. Called MOCO. Going in later this week to have updated brackets installed. Harley said the dealer is going to assist in the repair and gave me a reference number. Now thats great customer service from MOCO and the dealer.