Fair prices, or rip off?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Billua, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Fair prices, or ripoff?

    Ok, My 08 goes in for it's 1 k check tomorrow. I am also getting it tuned and dynoed with a SERT...

    My question is are these charges reasonable?

    1 K check $313.84...This includes about $72.00 in oil charges that they will credit me back if I provide my own oil. I am...

    Now the SERT $459.95 installed.
    Dyno, 5 hours labor for a total of $459.95.

    I feel the 1k Check is completely reasonable, but 5 hours dyno time? That seems a little excessive for an HD shop that is one of the largest in the US and prides itself in performance. Wouldn't they have a baseline with which to start and do some tweaks from there?

    Hey, I have no problem paying to play, but just want to see what others are paying.

    My mind is set on the SERT...There is no room for the PCIII under the seat of this bike...Don't ask me how I know...:12:

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    Re: Fair prices, or ripoff?

    Don't know too much about proper charges for SERT and Dyno time, but many opt for Techclusion' TFI which allows user to tune A/F mixture bands easily and at much lower cost...especially those who want to go no further than Stage I type tuning with stock engine. They normally realize a 15 HP boost without hurting the drivability or warranty of the motorcycle, in fact the richer A/F mixture allows the engine to run cooler and actually improve life span in the process...
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    I can echo a similar response for the Techlusion TFI. Put one on my '99 Ultra, bike runs great, unit is relatively easy to install, and the folks who sell the unit provide great tech support.
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    Gents, thank for the input. But, I am not trying to get input on the tuner. I am going the SERT for a reason and am looking to compare prices on the dyno and 1k service...

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    The PC3 module doesn't go under the seat, it mounts behind the mudguard, fyi. Or you can get a deeper tray, which comes with it from some places, like FuelMoto. FuelMoto also preprograms them to your setup.

    But that aside, I agree the 1k checkup is priced fair, but the SERT and dyno time prices are high.
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    sert and sest have pre written maps for certain "builds" such as pipes and a hi flow a/c, these r generally pretty close so 5 hrs on the dyno is a bit much just to check a/f ratio. service sounds bout right. dyno time cant really be quoted easily but with a factory written map unless you have something out of the ordinary it should only need 1 run to check a/f
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    My dealer was trying to get me to install the. SERT. They told me 2 hours on dyno. I went with TFI. No regrets.
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    Glider and all, thanks for the replies.

    Glider, I did sniff around the self help areas and others but missed the one you suggested, thanks!

    I should have been more specific in my statement that the PC3 will not fit under the seat...I know the main unite fits behind the inner fender liner, but the pig tails are supposed to fit under the seat. No room on my 08 FLSTC for that. I do have an aftermarket seat, mustang, that may impede the clearance for those.

    Also on the 08, the fuse block holder does not come apart as the PC3 instructions suggest.

    I am going with the SERT as I do plan on putting a Woods cam in and possibly doing other work in the future.

    Thanks Again!
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    Am I the only one out here who cringes at the thought of putting a road bike on a dyno for 3-5 hours?? I think if anybody ever watched what they do to their "Baby" when they put it through the wringer on a dyno they would cry.
    Tires, clutch, engine and transmission are stressed to the max. Yes, sometimes things blow too! Maybe it is just me.