Factory Overfill?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by John520, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Here's an interesting situation. I have a 2006 Sportster XL1200R. Bought the bike with 450 miles on it, now it has slightly over 1,000 miles. I wanted to change the transmission fluid to Mobil Synthetic. The service manual and the owners manual both state that the transmission takes 32 ounces.

    After reading other posts, I didn't want to hassle with removing the footpeg and the clutch inspection cover, hoping to drain out 32 ounces and replacing it with 32 ounces of new fluid.

    I was very careful, marking the Mobil jug at the original fluid level, which appears to be 1 quart, or 32 ounces as advertised. After draining the old fluid and replacing it, I put the used oil into the Mobil jug to the original level, and using a measuring cup, discovered that I actually drained at least 39 ounces.

    I believe this was the original factory fluid because the prior owner was well known to my dealer, and was not a "hands-on" kind of guy.

    Are the manuals wrong? Did the factory overfill it?
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    I would say that someone else prior to your ownership over filled it rather than the factory.

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    Agree with Glider, no way could I fit the whole quart 32 oz bottle much less a Liter which is 39 oz. If the tranny had fluid in it before likely person before emptied a full Liter of gear oil in there, the good news is SE Semi-Synthetic motor oil does not come in Liter bottles (Spectrol gear oil does by the way), so hopefully they at least used the proper fluid in there? (my gal always accuses me of being an optimist). :lolrolling
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    it maybe possible the factory overfills on the first time to compensate for the new clutch plates soaking in