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    I hope this is the correct forum to post this, if not I apologize.

    '02 Heritage
    This problem has been going on for a while. It started after the bike was not being ridden for some time, it was stored with the alarm enabled and went into storage mode. When I went to go for a ride, I set the alarm off (no siren) and had to use the manual disarm because the fob would not work. Since then I have not been able to enable the alarm with the fob (I have 2 of them and neither work). I have also noticed that I can not even get into the manual disarm mode either (alarm is not enabled). The turn signals work fine.

    The things I have tried so far are:
    -Replace the Fob battery in both fobs
    -Re-syncing the fobs using the procedure in the owners manual which appears to work because I DO receive a confirmation.

    It seems that the receiver shuts down after being in the programming mode.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    So do you get any indication that the FOBs are putting out a signal to the security system? If not, check that there is no corrosion on the contacts in the FOBs that is not making good contact. Scrape them with a small knife or screw driver blade.

    Go back through the learn procedure in the book to make sure the system is recognizing the FOBs. You can also try the "marrying" procedure. See here:

    Marrying New TSSM To Bike - Harley Davidson Community

    Make sure the battery is on charge when you do all this, and follow the instructions precisely.

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    Thanks for the response,
    Yes, I am fairly sure that the fobs are putting out a signal because when "marrying" the fobs to the bike I do get a confirmation. I will try the suggestion that you mentioned. It just seems wierd that both fobs stopped working. Is there another way to test the fobs?
    By the way, the bike does start and run, will this affect the procedure?

    Thanks again
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