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  1. Badgerw

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    Is it wise to purchase the extended warranty when purchasing a new Harley Davidson? Obviously, if something major would break after 2 years it could be cost effective to have optioned for the additional warranty. For those who purchased the extended warranty did you use it, and are those who did not opt for the extended warranty that wished that they had done so? Is the warranty negotiable with the dealer?
  2. glider

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    It depends on your skills with repairs if it is advisable for you. You can negotiate price with the dealer and also transfer it if you sell the bike as a good selling point.
  3. billymack56

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    I purchased a seven year warranty in 04 when I bought a 05 ElectraGlide. I just used it again for the third time. Has saved me a ton of dough.
    Radio ---cd player not working pulled --sent to be redone.
    Cruise not working--new module.
    Cam tensioner chewed--replaced.
    Shifter rod sloppy just replaced for second time.
    Several other things fixed as .
    87000 plus miles--rides great.
    Sure glad I purchased it.
    "Ride It Like You Stole iT"
  4. xlcruser

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    I didn't buy it when I bought my Sportster but only after talking to a couple of Independent bike mechanics and the owner of the dealership I bought my bike from tell me the Sportster was a very dependable bike. They said if something big breaks yes it will pay for it's self, the small things not so much. I don't really ride that hard and pay close attention to service, I'm a big believer that HD makes a quality product and the extended service is a money maker for the dealers. I sure hope I'm not wrong on this. That being said, most folks I talk to do not have it.
  5. walleye

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    Obviously it is their advantage or they would not sell it. I did buy one. I bought the 7 year. I bought it knowing I likely would not come out ahead, BUT, if I ever need it I have it and mostly for PIECE OF MIND. Also, like Glider said, resale. I don't plan on selling my bike but how often do our plans get changed? If I do need to sell, the buyer is more comfortable with a warranty. It is a toss up IMO, but I am glad I have it now that I do. Ride safe.
  6. STEVE07

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    Mine has been paying for itself,and if you go to sell a high mileage bike it will give you a bit of an edge if the buyer knows it is still covered.
  7. Flashback

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    it's a good idea even if you do your own work most of the time it doesn't take much of a problem to run up a parts bill higher than the warranty price these days...
  8. 06eglide

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    I purchased one when I bought my 06... just be aware it runs at the same time as your factory warranty so if you pay for 3 years 2 years of it will also be used up when the factory warranty expires...... you pay for 3 and only actually get 1 year of extension...might come out better if you can afford a longer time.....
  9. dawg16

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    It's my understanding you can buy one pretty much up until your regular warranty ends, and if that is the case, you probably know if you have a "lemon". Make your decision then. JMHO.
  10. jcrotteau

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    Of ANY dealer selling and installing a big bore kit under the premise that it all will be covered under th extended warranty.
    The Big Bore kit WILL VOID any and all warranty per The motor company.