Extended Service Plans - Questions about post Factory Waranty coverage

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    I'm quickly coming up on the end of my factory warranty and one of the things I bought with the new bike was a 4 year ESP. Sadly, contrary to the sound of "Extended Service Plan" apparently the first two years run concurrently with your factory warranty so the 4 year plan that I paid $999 for will give me two years of relief in the form of $50 work for anything that is covered. (I think that this is deceptive...but one single issue, especially on the road, will be enough to make it worth the money spent so I'm not going to whine about it.

    The question, though, is will I finally be able to add at least some of the parts that I haven't touched... like a fuel management system and exhaust to start... not to mention cams...

    Does anyone have first hand experience with this? What kind of things can I NOT do which might cause my extra money to go to complete waste?

    Oh, I did a search for ESP (too short to return results) and extended service plans and didn't see anything so sorry if this is a topic I've missed.
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    I just extended my ESP for the 3rd time. I have a V&H fuel tuner, high flow intake, and Rush slip-ons. At each time of renewing the ESP, I was assured by the person writing the contract as well as the service manager that the bike is covered and these mods will not negate it. I don't know about non-stock cams.
    Last contract period my brake-line pressure switch went out, to my surprise it was covered for no additional dollars because I was having my brakes replaced and the system flushed.
    It sounds as though you are not going to whine about the cost, although my 3 year was right at 2K, so if you decide to extend after 2 more years it's going to cost you more than $900.
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    I have read stories on other forums,that people Who have modified 17 and newer bikes can also have issues with coverage from ESP's.In most cases, Harley had voided warranty before ESP took over.It is a "touchy "subject.Hard to predict.You should talk to the ESP agent about modifications.Reading the contract word for word is a start.I am sure if You read it ,You will find surprises.
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    It's my understanding that any failures you may encounter would have to be a direct result of any mods you've done for warranty not to cover. Example, you added a fueler and exhaust and the transmission fails, no correlation.